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NY Extreme Hoops runs some of the top camps and clinics in the east coast!


If you cannot make a Camp or Clinic due to extenuating circumstances you will receive a full credit to use, whenever you'd like, for any future Extreme Hoops basketball related programs or events! 

2023 Summer Camp Schedule Coming Soon!

Our camps are NOT limited to Extreme hoops AAU members. They are open to athletes from any Section in NY, any state, and any team! At least half of all of our camps are athletes from different programs/places, and we love seeing new faces every week!

Players will work on improving several aspects of basketball performance such as individual skills, ball handling, creating your own offense, techniques, passing, shooting, fundamentals, pick and roll, defensive principles, basketball rules, and game situations. Whether college or professional experience (or both!), Kristi and her coaching staff are exceptionally qualified and well-versed in teaching and demonstrating their knowledge of the game. There will be both clinics and camps occurring year-round in order to enable players to stay on top of their game all year!

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