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Coach Mike Leflar

10 years Division 1 Coaching Experience

Former Associate Head Basketball Coach  at Binghamton University Currently with Northeastern University

“Kristi Dini has great enthusiasm for the game of basketball, and I am thrilled she is coaching the next generation of players. Kristi was a great player on very successful teams in college, and she understands how to teach the game. Her experience and knowledge of the game will help her athletes become competitive basketball players while still creating a fun environment for them. Kristi’s NY Extreme Hoops program teaches both girls and boys the importance of being competitive on the basketball court, and the value of being a good teammate. Athletes can really benefit from Kristi and the opportunities they have with NY Extreme Hoops.”

“My two girls have played for the NY Extreme for several years now and I couldn’t be any happier with the entire experience.  Both girls play with their Extreme team year round and attend every training session, clinic and camp possible.  My son, who is in high school, also started playing for the Extreme last season as the entire boys program elevated to a regional power.  The success of the program is due in large part to the quality of the coaches at every level.   It is an amazingly hard working, knowledgeable and passionate group that has helped my kids maximize their potential as athletes and basketball players.  Equally important is the family atmosphere that exists between all the Extreme teams and their families.   Tournament weekends  are truly a family affair with all the athletes and families wearing Extreme gear and rooting on their program.

Kristi has done an amazing job building the Extreme program into the most  dominant and recognizable AAU program in the region”

 Matt Severino

Daughters on 6th girls red and 9th girls, Son on 11th boys

Kelly Greenberg

Former Boston University Head Basketball Coach

“Kristi Dini is a winner! Her love and passion for the game is contagious. This passion, mixed with hard work, made Kristi a very good Division I player.
There is no doubt that she is the best long-ball shooter I have ever coached. I am thrilled that Kristi Dini is sharing her love and knowledge of the game with young players – they will learn a lot!”

“Kristi Dini is one of the hardest working people that I have ever come across. Her incredible work ethic is contagious and helped lead her team to 19-straight wins and an undefeated conference season her senior year. She never shied down from any competition, dropping a career-high 24 points against St. John’s as a sophomore, hitting five three-pointers against #20 Ohio State as a senior and leading the Terriers to their first-ever post-season win in the 2009 WNIT. All of the kids she teaches will truly learn the value of always working hard!”

Jonah Goldberg

Division 1 Women’s Basketball Broadcaster
Director of Communications, Rio Grande Valley Vipers (NBADL affiliate of the Houston Rockets)

James Keogh

Son on 8th boys red

“My son, AJ, is eleven years old and has been playing basketball since he was six. He has played on various teams through our recreation department and also attended a basketball summer camp organized by our local high school basketball coaches for at least three years. After just one practice with Kristi AJ said he learned more about strategy and teamwork than in all of the years of organized basketball combined. As a parent I can see that Kristi not only knows the game inside and out, but also knows how to develop the strength of each player and how to enable them to succeed both individually and as a team. I will also say that all of AJ’s previous coaches have been male and Kristi is head and shoulders above all of them. I should state that I happen to have been one of the volunteer coaches for several years. Basketball is Kristi’s passion and she has learned from the best – both at college and in her career in Europe. We are lucky that she has decided to remain in the States and teach local kids how to play the game to the best of their abilities, and more!”

“I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a player work harder to become all she became, and she’s taken that to another level as a coach/trainer of basketball. In addition to honing skill and development on the court, Kristi Dini will impress upon your child the importance and value of a strong work ethic.”

Ray Gallagher

Award-winning Sports Editor
Athletics Coordinator, Town of Putnam Valley

Annette and AJ Contento

“We have had the privilege of having Kristi Dini coach both of our daughters (age 12 and 16), on the high school and middle school levels. She has no doubt improved all aspects of their games, and she continues to advance their skills.  Kristi is a hard worker which is evident by her determination, and she demands the same from her team. My girls are more confident basketball players because of coach Dini’s unsurpassed enthusiasm and endless encouragement.”

“Kristi’s passion for the game along with her work ethic is contagious. The players are inspired, confident and have elevated their play to the next level. Kristi has done an excellent job teaching the boys skills along with integrating basketball knowledge into game situations. Players of all ages aspiring to make CYO, Super League, or High School teams will find this a great program to enroll (clinics, lessons, AAU teams).”

John Milicker

Son on 9th boys red

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