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NY Extreme Hoops is a dynamic basketball organization that is focused on the development and progression of athletes in all aspects of the game.

Our goal is to provide a challenging yet supportive environment that fosters the growth of players beyond just their skill – also basketball knowledge, discipline, hard work and sportsmanship. Stressing the fundamentals, NY Extreme Hoops will increase each players knowledge of the game, build on each individuals’ strengths, and help them strengthen their weaknesses.


It doesn’t matter what experience you have or what skill level your at. We are dedicated to all our athletes in helping them develop their basketball games and athletic abilities. We will turn you into a complete basketball player preparing you for high level of competition as well as assisting you in developing as people off the court. 


Through hard work, discipline, and dedication, NY Extreme Hoops players will have the edge athletes need to become better basketball players and people.

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