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Train with NY Extreme Hoops to prepare for college recruiting and upcoming college seasons! NY Extreme Hoops can also sit down with athletes about playing in college and help them down the right path to their future school! Kristi and her staff have great basketball back rounds and connections to the college world that can help you find the right fit.


Korina Guerra

Ursuline HS

4 years All league, All Section, All state 
1000pt scorer
League MVP 

BCANY Gold Medalist


 My name is Korina Guerra and I am committed to Sacred Heart University on a full scholarship. I am lucky enough to train with Kristi Dini. We work on ball handling, shooting off the dribble, and higher level moves and while putting these into game situations in her drills. She makes sure that I’m working from the minute I step on the court to the minute I step off. She is an amazing trainer that not only enhances our game but instills lots of confidence into every athlete she trains. She sees the potential in her athletes and makes sure she pushes them to get better everyday and take their game to the next level every workout or practice. I love training with Kristi and I am very grateful for the work she helps my game and everything she does for me! 

Natalie Alfieri

- SUNYAC Rookie of the Year!
- BCANY Gold Medalist

West lake HS
4 years All league, All Section, All state 
1000pt scorer
League MVP as sophomore 

I've been playing for Coach Dini since the first girls team in her organization. She started with about 4 teams and now has over 30 which is just a testimony to her hard work and the results her kids see. I would not be where I am without her guidance. She is the toughest coach I've ever had but but beyond cares for me on and off the court. She has taught me so much and helped me to improve all aspects of my game. Her practices are high level and allow you to improve as an individual and also grow as a team. She focuses on the simple fundamental skills and shows you how to build on them. She took my offensive game to another level and taught me how to apply my training into game situations. Her training sessions are more individually based, running drills that allow you to personally improve your game and skill level. They are a quick pace and create a game like environment with high energy. Attending college in the fall, I still do training sessions with her to prepare for my freshmen year. Sometimes I catch the tail end of her 4th - 6th grade girls or boys practices and am amazed and the ball players she has developed these kids into at such a young age. Step backs, euro steps, between the legs, moves that 4th graders are perfecting in her practices but more importantly their IQ and understanding of the game. You should see these kids defend, talk, and box out! She truly is an amazing coach and I owe everything i have achieved through basketball to her. Her work ethic and dedication to her teams is something that truly explains why she has such a successful organization. 

Abby Weeks
Our lady of Lourdes HS
All league, all conference, all section

BCANY Gold Medalist
Point Loma Nazarene University 

Going to play for Coach Dini was the greatest decision I have ever made. She made me a better player not just physical, but mentally. She pushed me past my breaking point and for that, I am forever thankful. Her practices and training sessions are so intense. She goes from elite skill work, to position work, to college drills and defensive breakdowns and of course conditioning requiring us to have volume and energy the entire time. She got me in the best shape I've ever been in. She's prepared me so well for highschool career as well. She cares about her players so much and wants the best for all of them boys and girls no matter what grade. She pushes all of her players to do their best and expects nothing less. She's an amazing coach and I look up to her as a person and as a basketball player. I never thought that I would play for a former D1 player, let alone a D1 player that played professional basketball. I tell all of my basketball teammates to go to her workouts and train with her. Nobody else, not even training facilities, train and get players in better shape then she does. Without her, I would have never gotten my scholarship to Point Loma Nazarene. 

Reena Olsen

  • Putnam Valley League Champs.

  • League MVP.

  • Putnam Valley County center final four.

  • Ny Extreme Hoops AAU 2014-2016.

  • NY Extreme Hoops Training 2013-present.

“Kristi is not only a great friend but also a great coach. She helped me tremendously during my last years of high school on my three point shot increasing my shooting percentage greatly from where it was prior to working with her. As well as my on court play, Kristi helped build my confidence when I was feeling discouraged. I am extremely grateful to have been trained by Kristi and recommend anyone who is looking to increase his or her skills at any level to take her guidance. With her help I’m now playing Division 1 Basketball at Fairfield University and couldn’t be happier.”

Felicia Decruz – Guard for Fairfield University

Kristi has helped me develop as a player for the last 4 years. Not only was she capable of mentally preparing me for college sports, but the workouts she put me through physically prepared me as well. Muscle memory through shooting and high level post work drills further helped me become confident both on the perimeter and inside as a post player. The level and intensity of the practices and training also helped me stay in running shape and be physically ready for the college level.


Kristi really knew how to prepare athletes to go farther with the sports they wanted too, helping call and emailing coaches and always offering training and workouts outside of our regular practice schedule. This past summer I consistently trained with Kristi 3-5 days a week after my internship and by the end I again noticed a huge improvement in my game. Overall I felt mentally and physically enhanced through Kristi’s coaching and training and still work with her when I’m home and during the summer and off-season.

Caite Opfer - Fd for Skidmore College

“Kristi is one the best coaches I have gotten the chance to work with in my years of playing basketball. She is so passionate and makes working on your game something so enjoyable which can be hard to do. I recently tore my ACL and once I was cleared Kristi had me in the gym, working me harder then ever so my skills would be back to where they used to be. Kristi has brought my confidence up to a level I never thought possible after my surgery and I couldn’t thank her enough for that! I feel that because of Kristi my skills as a point guard have elevated extremely.


Without Kristi I would never be where I am now playing Division III basketball at The City College of New York. I wish I would’ve found her at an earlier age! Kristi is an absolutely amazing coach and if you want to become a talented, intelligent basketball player go to her!”

The New York Extreme Hoops program helped me prepare beyond High School basketball and prepared me to play at the college level. I came into the New York Extreme hoops with very little fundamentals but a real love for the game and a desire to play at the next level, but with the help of Coach Barer and Coach Kristi, I was able to accomplish my goal of playing collegiate basketball. They instilled confidence and leadership skills in me that I never thought I had. They teach the game the way it should be taught to every kid. There was no I on any of the teams in this program only a common goal and that was to win and get better everyday. Whether it was the starters or bench, all that we wanted to do was win and represent our program. I would not be the person or the ball player I am today if it wasn't for this program. 

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