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Hello everyone,

As we all know, Hurricane Sandy has devastated the lives of millions in the tri-state area. While many of us have been inconvenienced by power outages and infuriatingly long gas lines, there are so many that have been left homeless, losing everything they own, from basic necessities to items that hold sentimental value and can never be replaced. Personally, I have several friends that have been severely affected and are suffering terrible losses.

In the past few days, we have all seen the devastating and heartbreaking images and news segments. With that said, I feel we can all do our part. NY Extreme Hoops will be holding a free clinic this TUESDAY 7:30-9 at Solaris Sports Club. We are asking all of our athletes and their families to make a donation of at least $30 and to also bring any items that could help these people including blankets, warm clothes, socks, underwear, non-perishable items to eat, bottled water, diapers, garbage bags, shovels and anything that can be helpful. Whether you have old (winter) clothes, or purchase new items, anything will help.

All monetary and product donations will be dropped off to help people who are in desperate need. Please, invite friends and family members, have kids work on their basketball skills, and more importantly help raise money for those who have lost so much.

Our hearts go out to all the people who have been affected.

Coach Kristi

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