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Extreme Hoops continues to dominate Brewster super league!

Very proud of our girls and boys teams grades 4-8 who played in the summer super league at Brewster sports center. Our teams have had great success in summer and winter super leagues so our coaching staff decided to play many of our teams up a grade. Fourth girls finished a top seed and lost a battle playing a grade up against a bigger 5th grade squad in the semi finals. 7th girls red won the championship playing up a grade in 8th. Our 8th girls red went undefeated and won their bracket. 6th boys red lost a great battle in the championship of their bracket. 7th boys black went undefeated and won the championship in 7th. Our 7th boys red lost a battle against a big squad in the semi finals of the 8th boys division. 8th boys red lost in the championship of the highest brackets. Our goal are to help our athletes develop their games by provided them with challenging but appropriate environments that help them grow and all of our teams did that in tough brackets. Congrats to all of our youth squads!

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